"Tell It Slant"
Season 2
Episode 6
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After Aaron Two Rivers (Gary Farmer), a self-proclaimed Cheyenne contrary warrior, rides backwards on a horse past Walt's house with a cryptic message for the Sheriff, Walt expects to find a dead body. Soon his team stumbles across two: the remains of a Cheyenne grave on Barlow Connally's golf course development, and the murder of the town psychic, "Cassandra." As Branch struggles to keep the peace between his father, Barlow (Gerald McRaney), and secret campaign financer, Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez), Walt discovers "Cassandra" is none other than Cynthia Two Rivers, Aaron's sister. It seems Cassandra's clients have been duped by the "Psychic," who tapes her sessions and does extensive research and background checks on her clients to glean information about them. As Vic uncovers Cassandra's secrets, Walt and Branch face off in an election debate, but are soon interrupted by a drunk Aaron Two Rivers. Eventually Walt realizes he must play Aaron's game of contrary statements and role reversal in order to get Aaron to confess to his sister's murder. Although Aaron was the true psychic with "thunder dreams," his sister was the only person who believed him, and when she threatened to cut him off financially and called him a paranoid schizophrenic, Aaron snapped. At the psychic's residence, Vic finds a box with "Longmire" written on it and gives it to Walt. He opens it with Cady to find a tape of Martha Longmire's visit to Cassandra, who tells Martha that she will not die from terminal cancer. When Martha asks what will become of Walt, Cady turns off the tape before the answer is given.