"Party's Over"
Season 2
Episode 5
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Teenager Tanya Dove is found shot dead in an alley stairwell. Vic searches the girl's body to find a house key and a partial pill. This sets Walt's team off on an investigation into prescription drug theft, which leads them to a pharmacist who had supplied a list of hydrocodone buyers to a group of thugs. The mother of Dove's boyfriend, Barbara Bollman (Gabrielle Carteris), is on the list. Walt goes to their house and tests the key, which unlocks the door. He finds evidence of a recent shooting and prepares to take the boyfriend in for questioning. The mother then confesses to shooting Dove after thinking she was a burglar when the girl had attempted to steal Barbara's pills. Meanwhile, Cady returns home. She is not forthcoming with Walt nor Branch about why she left, but she does mention being in Denver to both. She tells Walt that he was correct about how she would feel, once she knew the truth about her mother's death.