Lucian Connally
Longmire-3 05-Lucian-Connally
Retired Sheriff
Barlow Connally (brother)
Branch Connally (nephew)
Portrayed by
Peter Weller
First Appearance
The Worst Kind of Hunter
Retired Sheriff Lucian Connally is a the recurring character on the Longmire Television series. He is the predecessor to Walt Longmire.

"The cowboy has always been a dying breed
But he takes his dying slowly, perched upon his steed."

Biography Before SeriesEdit

Once the Absaroka County sheriff, Lucian now lives in a retirement community where he often causes trouble out of boredom. He's often hard on his nephew, even though he cares for him.   

Biography During SeriesEdit


He has a nephew, Branch Connally, who works as a sheriff's deputy.

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