Ed Gorski was a police officer from Philadelphia, where he had an extramarital affair with Vic Moretti. After she turned in his partner, Bobby, he began stalking her. This prompted her move to Durant, Wyoming; but he eventually followed her to their new home.

Biography: Edit

  • He first showed up in Durant under the guise of a post-Alcoholic recovery and sought reconciliation with Vic. She quickly questioned his claim of alcoholism, and realized he lied about being there with his wife. He then proceeded to stalk her, breaking into her police pickup and her house.
  • As an ex-cop, with some apparent Internal Affairs experience, he possesses several skills that enabled him to evade Vic and Walt, while leaving little evidence to bring him in.
  • Vic believes, or at least subtly implies, that Ed had a hand in Bobby's illegal activities. This realization, plus his aggressive behavior after Bobby's arrest, led Vic to end their relationship.