"Death Came in Like Thunder"
Season 2
Episode 3
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Basque shepherd Marco Vayas is found dead on his woodland property. He had been poisoned by hemlock that Walt finds in a well. Marco's brothers learn that he was about to sell his land to a lumber company that Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) represents. Walt and Vic find a brother trying to drown his wife. Walt must sort out who poisoned Marco. He dupes the wife into thinking that hemlock was also in that well. She confesses to the murder because she thought Marco was going to sell his property, resulting in less income for the family. Meanwhile in Denver, Cady learns from Fales the details about how her mother was murdered and that the killer was also killed. When asked how Walt has dealt with his wife's death, she mentions that Walt might confide in Henry. Walt receives a call that Henry is now on Fales' list. Henry implies to Walt that he killed the murderer because Walt was unable. They share a drink as a silent vow to protect Henry's secret, as well as Walt's original intent.